Welcome to sphinx-hoverxref!

sphinx-hoverxref is a Sphinx extension to show a floating window (tooltips or modal dialogues) on the cross references of the documentation embedding the content of the linked section on them. With sphinx-hoverxref, you don’t need to click a link to see what’s in there.


Example using sphinx-hoverxref in poliastro


To show a floating window, use the role hoverxref to link to any document or section and embed its content into it. We currently support two different types of floating windows: Tooltip and Modal.

Writing this reStructuredText in your document:

This will :hoverxref:`show a floating window <hoverxref:hoverxref>` in the linked words.

it will be rendered to:

This will show a floating window in the linked words.


The default style (tooltip or modal) is defined by the config hoverxref_role_types.


These new roles are alias of the ref role and works in the same. See Usage for more detailed information about this and other examples.


Online documentation:


Source code repository (and issue tracker):



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